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Upgrade to Grid 2.0 - with a screwdriver

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By Yasmin
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Announcing the 2.0 upgrade kit

We are more than excited to announce that we have fully completed the change to injection molded module housing. The original announcement in Spring 2023 about Grid 2.0 covered a wide array of updates, mainly concerning the new microcontroller, repairable design and a new module housing design accommodating these changes for the modules. 

After the announcement, we had our good deal of manufacturing issues. Orders placed in May only started to go out after 2023-06-20. We did our best to ship good module houses still made with 3D printing and CNC routing. The design was not optimized for the existing manufacturing process. We wanted to create an option, where the modules purchased from May could be upgraded - when the molded houses are ready.

Now, the 2.0 upgrade kit is here. Compatible Grid controllers are:

  • no logo GRID logo marking on the top metal front panel
  • have the serial number in range 2332-3000

The replacement process only requires a screwdriver (preferably PH1 type) and can be done with any level of technical knowledge. You can check out the repair guide on the documentation site.
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What's in the package?

The utility side button and the interface board in the past couple months underwent optimization and a minor redesign. New injection molded houses require a couple new parts to be fully functional. In some cases, during disassembly the spacers in the potentiometer and encoder knobs break, so we’ll supply spares for them as well. You will get the following when ordering the upgrade kit:

  • 1x Injection molded base with magnets preinstalled
  • 4x interface PCB boards
  • 1x Utility side button
  • 4x M1.6 x 8mm screws for the main PCB
  • 4x plastic spacers
  • Spare encoder/potentiometer knob spacers

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the upgrade process through our support channels.