Bringing music and innovation together since 2019.

We empower digital creators to enhance their production workflows through modular hardware solutions paired with in-depth software customization. Whether you're a world-renowned electronic musician, a sound designer, a synth enthusiast, an analog gear geek, or a modular gadget fanatic, Grid suits all.

Our story

Started as a garage company in Budapest by two friends trying to find a better alternative for controlling sound simply and quickly. We iterated through countless ideas and our first working prototypes were revealed and presented at Superbooth18 Festival in Berlin where we received great recognition and support to move further. Now – hundreds of successful customers later - we are developing our modules not only to fit the needs of music creatives but for the use of digital artists using photo and video editing as well. We have set our hopes high for the upcoming year, as we bring new tactile controlling opportunities and long-anticipated software integrations to life.


Meet the masterminds behind Intech Studio



He is the other half of the founding story. The uncrowned king of powertools and standing desks. He is also the head of Editor’s software development and comes up with new hardware ideas once in a while.


Supply Chain Manager

He is “the” head of tech support and supply. He is into everything complicated, but nobody knows what he is really into. His greatest strength: solving problems.



The founder guy you’ve probably seen the most on our channels. Pretty much responsible for everything, except for his hair. He wanted to become a DJ at first, but luckily he chose to dedicate himself to a much greater purpose instead.


Head of Production

The Grids would be nothing but useless pieces of hardware without her hands. She manages the assembly of the controllers and prepares your orders for delivery. Do not talk to her when she’s pissed.


Operative Manager

Without her we probably wouldn’t be able to get through the piles of neverending  paperwork. She is also the best partner for lunchtime gossip.

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