General Product Features

What are the measurements of the unit?
Do the modules connect vertically and horizontally as well?
Do I need an additional brain unit for the modules?
Can the modules function on their own?
Do you have development guidelines for the Grid editor?
Is there a manual for the Grid editor for non-programmers?
Do they send Midi data from 0-127?
How do the small white buttons function?
Can the controllers work as MIDI hosts?
Do they have the ability to send midi data that continues from numeric value of selected parameter?
How to program the encoder button to convert it to a toggle button?
Encoders and knobs (and faders) are standard 7bit resolution or 10-14 bit?
What protocols are the modules compatible with?
What softwares are the modules compatible with?
Which hardwares are the modules compatible with?
Simple MIDI mapping can be used without the Grid Editor software?
How many controllers have you tested connected before the need of external power?
Do I need to load the templates manually?
Is it possible to assign mouse wheel movement to one of the faders, while the others control Midi CC?
How to navigate between the pages with the controllers, out of the box?
Can I do out of the program of Grid some MIDI learn on my softwer without having to use the programmer?
Is it suitable for controlling multiple mappings?