Snap together

Gold-plated magnets and spring-loaded connector pins ensure a secure connection. Multiple Grid modules connect to each other through these pins, modularity is built upon this capability. Power and data flows freely between modules of the system over this connection.

Golden spring-loaded connectors
Strong neodymium magnets

Future proof and independent

Each module has a USB-C connector, but even one of them is able to provides ample power for your whole control surface. There is no dedicated 'brain' module, any one connected module is able to function fully by itself, no further modules required. By adding more and more modules, you can expand your control surface up-to 10 modules connected by a single USB-C cable.

No brain, just USB-C
Class compliant

Colorful and compact design

Grid modules are uniform, four-by-four inch blocks. They are designed to be customizable as a system, so they can fit any kind of desktop layout the user prefers.

~175 gram
~0,38 lbs
106.6*106.6 mm
4,19*4.19 inches
Programmable RGB LEDs
grid compact design
Ableton Live Plugin Control Studio One