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Introducing TEK2 Grid, the fully compact, modular rotary knob controller

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By Yasmin

Based on our approach towards functional design, we now decided to integrate a smooth, endless rotary potentiometer into Grid’s control element variety, while keeping the module’s clean and compact body structure.

Welcome to TEK2 Grid, the freshest Grid module equipped with double infinite rotation potentiometers and eight separate buttons. Preorders open on the 25th of October for the first edition of TEK2.

This new piece of the Grid controller family is made for multimedia creatives boasting a distinguished audiovisual skillset, aiming to broaden their horizons through new ways of tactile control interactions.


Features of TEK2

The TEK2 adds to the fine-tuning experience with a pair of ergonomically designed knobs, equipped with a two-state switch (pressed & released) and a smooth endless rotation.

In addition, both potentiometers are equipped with 5-point LED feedback, creating a brand new perspective among Grids. These full RGB multicolor programmable LED lights can be set to several animation modes configurable with the Grid Editor’s toolset.

Such a ‘5-bit display’ indicator is perfect for giving feedback on centered or starting value positions and highlighting parameter states. The large knobs are accompanied by a set of 8 tactile buttons which can act like shift buttons, toggles or triggers – easing the way for quick mode switches, dynamic settings navigation and active function changes of the two massive knobs.

2023-10-tek2-proto-10.jpg 2023-10-tek2-proto-7.jpg

How does the TEK2 module fit into the Grid control surface?

By all means, TEK2 preserves its compatibility with all pre-existing and future Grid modules, forming an ecosystem both in design and software. While it remains a MIDI and HID-compliant device, we plan to expand Grid’s controlling possibilities through new Adobe and DaVinci software integrations requested by our community.

2023-10-tek2-proto-15.jpg 2023-10-tek2-proto-16.jpg

Where does the name come from? – a little fun fact

As a startup coming from the heart of Budapest, Intech Studio decided to name their new Grid piece with a bit of local spirit. The ‘TEK’ is derived from the word ‘TEKERŐ’,  – meaning rotary knob in Hungarian – and the sound of the word ‘tech’. As TEK2 features two of these knobs the final name goes without saying. This release also marks the start of a new wave of Intech Studio Grid controllers, featuring an even more thoughtful and unique design.

Pre-order starts: 25 / 10 / 2023
Initial price: 199 $

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