Rotary knobs for efficient software control.

TEK2 is our latest addition to the modular Grid controller line. On our end, this unit opens up towards a new era of precision control. We put in the extra work to create the most comfortable rotary controller for all kind of creative uses - so you can enjoy practicing your craft on a whole new level.

Rotary knobs and click buttons

The knobs have a 360° rotation, smooth action all the way around. Beside being endless rotaries, the knobs can be also presed down to act as a button. The knobs are equipped with a 5 part RGB LED, which can be configured to show the current value of the knob, or to indicate the current state of the software. Buttons on the TEK2 are identical to BU16 and PBF4 buttons, useful to change the state of the large knobs. As a Grid controller, TEK2 can make use of left/right rotation, toggle, momentary and a pletora of other interaction modes.

MIDI configuration in the Editor

Within the free and Open-source Editor software, TEK2's large knobs are identified with encoder and button events. This means, all the unique configuration modes are available for them, we know from the EF44 and EN16 controllers. By introducing the 5 part RGB LED segment, we also implemented new functions to easily change LED related states, such as color and intensity.

Keyboard shortcuts, hotkeys, mouse movements

While continuing our tradition of providing the most versatile MIDI control tools, TEK2 can also shine as hotkey and macro controller. The rotary knobs can send zoom-in, zoom-out, left arrow, right-arrow or other keyboard messages while turning them to various directions. Switch the mode of the knobs with the 8 tactile buttons or use those buttons to trigger specific keyboard shortcuts. Do you need a scroll wheel turn with a key pressed down? TEK2 gets you covered. The TEK2 is a perfect tool for any kind of creative work, from music production to video editing, from 3D modeling to photo editing.


TEK2 is in pre-order, we await for all the parts to arrive to our office. We start to ship on 2nd of April 2024.