Our new miniseries is a three-part tutorial showing you how to make page changes using different module elements.

Although you could do this with the use of the utility button on the side, it might be more comfortable to turn an encoder or just push a button while focusing on your work. These videos are featuring configurations made with the buttons of the PBF4 module and the encoders of EN16 as well. Learn how to get the most out of your Grid in just a couple of minutes!

Pages are basically a set of saved configurations that function as stored elements of memory. You can have up to four switchable pages on Grid, if you exceed the limit you will have to recycle one of them. In case you do not need all four you can also disable the unnecessary ones. For more information please visit our Discord channel. You can simply switch between these pages, however you can not bring over variables. This means that in case of loading a new page it will reset the module’s configurations. When connecting to another Grid module the pages will assign accordingly, so the second module will be on the same page number as well. This is called global page settings. You can connect up to 6-8 modules in this manner.

Each of the videos below dive into a distinct way of changing these pages, so everyone can find what best suits them.

1. Change pages on Grid with buttons

Here we talk about general page change rules, and discover how to assign page change commands to the buttons and create a profile for re-using commands.

2. Change Pages With Modulus % Calculation And The Encoder

In this part we explore a programmatic way to calculate the page number used for changing the page by checking the mod value of the element index.

3. Change Pages By Cycling Up And Down With Buttons

In the last, 3rd part of the page change miniserie, we walk through using button presses to go to next and previous pages. The page cycling can be limited as well with an if condition to stay within a page range.

If you still have questions left unanswered feel free to message us on our Discord channel or on social media.