Eurorack Adapter


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3U and 21HP eurorack adapter for Grid modular controllers. Designed with a bottom button to access the utility button for page changes. Through a cut on the USB-C side, Grid can be connected to a computer or a USB Host eurorack module with the breakout cable.

We ship 1x angled USB-C adapter breakout cable with every order.

The eurorack adapter is an open-source add-on we've made for Grid. You can support us by purchasing the printed version, but you can also print it on your own for free.
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Personal support on Discord

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Worldwide shipping

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Safety notice

Cover the side pins of outer Grid modules with electrical tape or insulating tape to prevent unintended electrical crosstalk/shorts involving the neighboring Eurorack modules, stray i2c cables or the Eurorack case itself.

Powering information

Each Grid module requires 150-250mA, 5V of USB power. Current is drawn from either the 5V or the 12V rail of your Eurorack case, depending on the power supply. Please check the description of your power supply to ensure you meet the power requirements for Grid.