Elektron Digitone x EF44 Grid

By Yasmin

When it comes to using Grid modules with the Elektron Digitone, the EF44 can play an essential role in enhancing the controlling experience.

On the Elektron Digitone it's easy to drive a sound from mellow and light to harsh and cold by just tweaking a few knobs. But if those knobs are on different screens, like on the AMP and SYN screens, there is no way for you to change these at the same time without external control or parameter locks.

With an external controller, like the EF44 you can map the desired parameters to be always at your fingertips, no menu-diving required.


If you are looking for the exact configuration layout, here we break it down to each control element.

4 encoders 4 faders controlling 8 synthesis parameters and effects on each track = controlling over 32 parameters in total

Each track has the same layout, switch tracks with encoder buttons, colorcoded LEDs indicate which track you're controlling: red (track 1), yellow (track 2), green (track 3), purple (track 4).

For each track the controller does the following:

  • faders control: A and B FM amount, delay send, reverb send
  • encoders control: SYN detune, SYN feedback, modwheel, breath control

Whether you want these exact settings to use on your own, or you wish to modify them to fit your preference, find the profile under the Profile Cloud panel in Grid Editor.