and many many more...

Discover modularity

Express yourself through an expandable control surface meant for creative uses. From audio production to gaming, Grid offers neat workflow improving tricks.

Grid controllers have a clever magnetic interface. Pick the control modules best fitting for your desk and just snap-’em together. This is a fresh twist on keyboard shortcuts, mouse actions and MIDI controls.

Work smarter

Like a keyboard, but superior

WASD, ^, 1, 2, 3, 4, , , are just couple of the many keys used by your apps every day. Grid acts as a keyboard, sending your keystrokes based on applied conditions. Record your shortcuts in the free Editor software or enter them with granular control. The combinations are almost endless.

copy and paste keyboard hotkeys on BU16 macro controller
Grid makes it easier to
Navigate in excel

What would YOU bring out of Grid?

Take a step back and think of all the various elements as tools, to put your ideas into motion. Whether you are into audio, visuals or gaming the Grid control surface can give you a new edge in your craft.

We are on a mission to control any parameter you tweak and use in creative apps.

Forget sweaty keyboard

Meet your day-to-day companions

Unlock your creative potential

Discover the limitless potential of Grid where versatility meets personalized customization in every creative endeavor, be it audio, video, visuals, or beyond. Empowering digital creators with modular hardware solutions and in-depth software customization, we help them unleash their creativity and elevate their projects to new heights. This allows us to expand Grid’s horizons and continually explore new territories.