By kertikristof


One of the most prominent use case for composers when it comes to MIDI control, recording automation for Volume (CC 7), Expression (CC 11) and Modulation (CC 1). Grid as an expandable control surface has many configuration options by design. This can be overwhelming at first, specially if you only have 1 module. In this guide, I will walk trough setting custom CC messages on a control element, as well as show couple options in configuration.

Set custom CC message

1.) When it comes to sending custom MIDI data to the host, you have to select the appropiate event first. In this example, you will need the potmeter event: a fader aka slide potmeter's event is trigged every time you interact with the control element. ev

The init event on the other hand is only triggered when a page is initialized. Under the potmeter event you can see the self:potmeter_value() called under the Local Variables action. Every time you interact with the fader this function runs, so the actions using the val variable will have their values refreshed. local variables

2.) On the potmeter event open up the MIDI action. From the Param 1 input field, select the needed CC type or just type in the desired CC as numbers.

There are no more separate MIDI Dynamic and MIDI Static actions from Grid Editor v1.2+, the dynamic behaviour used with multiple modules is managed by the variable declarations in the Local Variables action.


3.) Select a different control element and follow the above steps for further configuration.

Set custom color

Under the init event, you can set the LED colors in the LED Color action. By default the LED Color action uses variables to calculate the red-green-blue values. These are defined in the Local Variables action block. Open it up, and change the red, gre and blu values to 255, 0, 0, for a full red color. change_color

Add and remove action blocks

You can put actions in between other actions, when hovering over the action panel. A blue line should become visible. Click on it, to open up the Add Action menu. To add, double click on a preset or after selection, hit the Add Action button.

The left colorful square on an action block with the icon is draggable. Drag it and you can remove an action when relased over the red remove area. change_color

The print('hello') can be seen in the debug window. The print() function can be used to build advanced configurations.

Action management

You can remove, cut and copy actions with a small menu under the three horizontal dots. When pasting actions, make sure they don't overlap. Sometimes it's best to remove the action from the same type before pasting. In this example, the new red LED color configuration is copied to an other control element.


Store your configuration

When configuring your module, all the changes are sent to the Grid controller at instant, and the module lights up in a quick white color. This configuration is lost if you disconnect the module without using Store. When you finish the configuration, make sure you store your changes.