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Packs a bunch in a compact design.
Close out the noise and focus. The conventional potentiometer-button-fader layout, all in slim modular design. The metal shaft faders have a bit of resistance, knobs are smooth to turn. Control your most used parameters, like expression, modulation and volume. All configurable in the Grid Editor.
  • Long-lasting, 30mm travel metal shaft faders
  • Conductive plastic potentiometers with medium resistance
  • Sturdy, tactile switches with 1.27±0.49 N operating force
One (1) USB C-A cable is shipped with every order.
Universal Grid features:
  • Four banks, 4x possible mappings switchable on the fly
  • USB C connector, using the USB 2.0 standard
  • Class compliant MIDI and USB HID device
  • Plug and Play, no other modules or components required
  • Free Grid Editor software for customization
  • Black aluminum front panel with a metallic, rugged finish
  • CNC milled resin polymer housing
  • Golden contact pins and golden magnets