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Work in progress.

Getting Started

Below you can find the first steps for Getting Started with Grid.

Hardware Setup

Connect your Grid module(s) with the included USB-C cable in your Grid package.

Once a Grid module is connected it should show up as a MIDI device on your computer.

All MIDI inputs now can be configured either in the DAW software of choice or our configurator software the Grid Editor.

For access to USB-HID device functions, macros and more we strongly recommend installing Grid Editor and configuring your module(s) there.

Firmware Setup

Your Grid module will most likely arrive with outdated firmware. But don't worry that's normal, since the Grid Firmware is updated frequently as the product is still in a state of beta. So when you get your Grid to connect the first thing should be updating your Firmware to the current version.

When using Grid Editor you will get notified whenever your Grid modules firmware is out of date.

Beware, in-depth instructions below!


Firmware Update Instructions

This document will walk you through the process of updating the firmware on your Grid MIDI controller. Please carefully read through this document beforehand in order to aviod making any mistakes.

The process will not require any special tools, you will only need

  • A computer running Windows, Mac or Linux
  • The Grid controller you wish to update
  • A USB-C data cable

This tutorial will walk you through the following steps:

  • Enumerate in bootloader mode
  • Check the bootloader version on the controller
  • Update the bootloader if it is outdated
  • Upload the new application firmware

Enumerating the bootloader

Holding down the mapmode button on the side of the controller while plugging in the USB-C cable will boot the device in bootloader mode. All of the LEDs on the user interface should display a dim red color. This means that the device booted successfully, but the host computer has not recognized the device yet. You can now release the mapmode button. Once the device is configured on the host computer, all of the LEDs turn green. On the host computer the Grid controller now shows up as a removable storage device named "GRID".

Checking the bootloader version

Once the controller succesfully enumerated as a removable storage device, you can check the version of the bootloader. If you browse the device you will find 3 files on it:

  • CURRENT.UF2 is the binary image file of the current firmware
  • INDEX.HTM is a readme file that redirects to this instruction page
  • INFO_UF2.TXT contains the bootloader version and other basic information about the controller

Open INFO_UF2.TXT and compare the contents to the latest version quoted here:

UF2 Bootloader v3.3.0-6-g9262ab2-dirty SFHWRO
Model: Bootloader 20191211

Updating the bootloader

Please verify the Bootloader version before before uploading a new firmware image to your controller. The bootloader is maintained in a separate repository: grid-uf2 Download the bootloader image from the repository and unzip the archive. The bootloader binary is contained in a single update-bootloader***.uf2 file. Once the controller is enumerated in bootloader mode, copy the .uf2 image to the removable storage device called GRID. After a successful update, the controller will reboot. Unplug the USB cable and repeat this step for all of your Grid modules.

Updating the firmware

Download the firmware image from the repository and unzip the archive. The firmware binary is contained in the grid_toplevel_release.uf2 file. Once the bootloader is enumerated, copy the new firmware image to the removable storage device called GRID. After a successful update, the controller will reset and boot the newly installed firmware, ready to use. Make sure to repeat this process for all of your Grid modules, to ensure that they are all running the latest firmware.

Stable Build

Here you can download the latest stable firmware release. Please visit the releases page for more information.

GitHub version Only 32 Kb

Nightly Build

Nightly builds of the Grid firmware are available for those who wish to experiment with the latest features. Please check the related commit messages to learn more about the current build.

Only 32 Kb

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Software Setup for Grid Editor

We are building the Grid Editor for Mac OS, Windows and Linux. Here you can find the respective guides and information.

Mac OS

Grid Editor is a signed and notarized application with a valid developer ID issued by Apple Inc. Tested on High Sierra (10.13) and other versions are also being tested soon. Different versions may give an alert of unidentified developer, resulting in blocking the application from opening. This can be overridden by following this guide by Apple.


If this happens to you, please let us know. We do our best to make Grid Editor compatible with various mac OS.


GitHub release

  • You will need the grid_editor_Setup-{release number}.zip file to be downloaded and unzipped.
  • After unzipping move the Grid Editor.app to the Applications folder.
  • Launch the app.


Grid Editor has self-update functionality. This only works, if your mac OS validates the application on first download. If it fails to validate the app, the updates downloaded in the background are also failing in validation. We are still debugging how we can make sure that the user is notified on validation problems and is directed to proper solution when it comes to updating the app. Removing the previous app version and re-installing the newest release is always an option.


Grid Editor is not a signed application in the beta release stage. Up until app signing, security warnings may appear. However, we have tested the application on Windows 10 extensively.


GitHub release

  • You will need the grid_editor_Setup-{release number}.exe file to be downloaded and unzipped.
  • Launch the downloaded .exe and start the installation process.
  • Windows may show an application install security warning. Choose to run the app anyway.
  • Launch the installed app.


Grid Editor has self-update functionality. We had no issues as of today with this functionality on Windows.


More information coming soon.

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Coming in Editor 1.1.9

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