Grid Modular MIDI controllers

The new wave of controllers. Designed for modern creatives.

Starting at €89

It's all About The Control

A user interface built for action - from potentiometers to button caps, every component carefully selected to keep up with your tempo.

Magnetic Interface

A magnetic interface to be the tactile, reliable and long lasting solution that a modular controller deserves.

Your setup, your experience

Midi scripting, keyboard macros and in-depth customization. Take control of the creative journey!

The current lineup
PO16 - One can never have enough knobs.
Sixteen potentiometers for your everyday tweaking tasks. Simple as that.
PBF4 - Packs a bunch in a compact design.
Close out the noise and focus. The conventional potentiometer-button-fader layout, all in slim modular design.
BU16 - Clicky tactile buttons with razor-sharp actuation.
Packed with buttons for playful experimetation. Feel the instant response of your actions.
EN16 - Endless possibilities.
Velocity sensitive incremental encoders with push functionality. Have no excuse for mapping banks of parameters to the same control.
Grid module Specifications
  • RGB LEDs per control element
  • USB-C connectors
  • Intech Magnetic Interface
  • Utility mapmode button

Are you ready to deep dive into technical details? We have collected all the relevant technical information in one document.

Download Datasheet
Grid in Action
Grid has been designed to work seamless on Mac OS, Linux and Windows. Modules can be used for macros and MIDI commands within DAWs or other applications. Examples and demos coming soon, stay tuned and consider subscribing to our newsletter.

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