Beat opponents with class

Playing games with loud friends over voice chat and you'd need a moment of silence to take that perfect shot?

Manage Windows audio volume in real time, with the Midi Mixer software controlling each application volume slider with just MIDI messages sent from Grid. Midi Mixer also has open source plugins which can give you deeper integration with Discord, VoiceMeeter or OBS.

Crank the resonance up

Grid is a MIDI class compliant device; meaning that it can be connected to a DAW of your choice out of the box. Using the MIDI learn feature of your DAW you can start recording right away.

If you fancy going deeper, dive into Grid's lua function library for advanced MIDI programming using our free Grid Editor configuration software.

6 Steps of toggle action anyone?

In essence, a button's job is to turn things on and off. Our buttons can do far more than that. By using Button Mode action block in Grid Editor, you can have a button even with 127 steps!

Without any further tricks, once configured, this BU16 could be able to control your instance of FL Studio like ours.

Standalone MIDI sequencing

There is a neat timer event found on each control element. This can be triggered without an external clock, although in this example we rather used the midi rx event to sync up Grid's sequence code with Ableton Live's MIDI out sync signal.

In this example the pitch of the notes can be changed as well as if a note at a position is turned on or off.