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Each control element has events, where actions can be added. The actions are functions with a user interface. The actions can share and use variables on single event and meant to configure MIDI, Keyboard Macro and LED controls.

Grid is a programmable control surface and with this great power comes a great learning curve. We have added a quick actions export and a prompt input to let you easier follow the configurations discussed in the articles. This is also powerful tool to ask for assistance when it comes to debugging.

How to export the actions

  1. Select a control element, where the actions in question are select control element
  2. Select the appropriate event select an event
  3. On the bottom right of configuration panel click on the export icon export icon
  4. In a pop-up window, you will see the lua code representing the configuration lua export popup
  5. Copy the code to clipboard
    • Hit the green copy button
    • Select the content and use cmd+c or ctrl+c

Now this lua code, starting with <?lua and ending with ?> can be shared, pasted in questions or imported in Grid Editor under an event.

How to import the actions

  1. Select a control element, where you wish to put the actions
  2. Select the appropriate event
  3. (Optional) Remove the unwanted actions to avoid overwriting of value and exceeding character limit optional remove
  4. Open up the action selector
    • Hover over the actions section, until a blue line appears and click on it
    • Click on the Add new action... button action picker
  5. In the Prompt Input field paste the actions or use cmd+v or ctrl+v
  6. Click on Add Action button add action

Congratulations! Now you can import and export configuration snippets in a breeze.


Sharing Control Element Actions

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